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Before I could write proper sentences, I wrote stories. I wrote one after the other, never stopping and would read them to anyone who would listen. My passion for writing came young and never left. For years before I reached double digits people would ask "What do you want to be when you grow up?" and without hesitation, I would reply simply, "an author." Their surprised faces always amused me and still do to this day when I am asked that very same question. But, no matter how great my love for writing is, just writing is never enough; everything that I write, any topic, any length, has purpose and meaning. In some works, it's obvious and in others, hidden, but no matter what, my ultimate goal is to make a person feel something so that when they read the final word, they walk away with some sort of a message or emotion, no matter how subtle. Reading takes us places, shows us the world through new eyes, and as a writer, it is my mission to open those doors for you, ignite your imagination and let you decide what you see.

Also currently available in iBooks, Google, Kobo, Scribd, Goodreads, Gardners and more.

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By Tarin Breuner

The heavens blanket into an infinite mold of obsidian

Stretching far beyond the eye’s capacity, the visions are endless and the hearts are full

An atmosphere of chance and an air of opportunity

The expansion of the soul settles amidst the stars

Glimmering specks guiding through the maze moments leading to the present

A gift of choice

To continue or to turn back

To run back to safety or run ahead to possibility

For what could come and for what will come

If you run, run ahead

Run without worry, run without fear

Run only with feeling, run only with dreams


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