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I hope that this book will help people struggling with their own adversities and losses heal through the process and learn to see the beauty in the pain .


Dove Swier has been battling adversity her whole life. Between her wheelchair-bound body and never knowing her mom, she and her father have had to depend on each other to get through it all. But despite her diagnosis, he never made her feel disabled. He made himself her legs so that she has the opportunity to see with her own eyes, taking her to the park where he works and beyond. His poetic spirit rubs off on her and teaches her to look at life with depth and color and to never take for granted the chance to explore. But when a sudden and heartbreaking event takes place, Dove is forced into a journey of independence. Through the book, you’ll follow her travels as she explores the earth and her own freedom. Despite the diverse experiences of each place, Dove finds that they all compel her to acknowledge the same thing: what she wants for her future.

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