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I was inspired to write this book while on a trip to Plitvice Lakes Park in Croatia. While walking the thin, uneven paths that lined the waterways, I saw a father helping his wheelchair-bound daughter around the park. It was so beautiful to see their bond and the lengths he would go to for her to see the world. I knew right then that I wanted to tell a version of their story, so I created Dove and Jerry and set the scene in Plitvice. 

I chose the name Dove because of a poem I wrote a few years ago, dotting the line: "you know doves always find their way back home". And I chose the name Jerry after my grandpa. I never met him but my mom has always called him "a lover of life and an eternal dreamer"; I couldn't think of a better way to describe the man that would be Dove's father.

Jerry spent years traveling the world as a poet before he found home at Plitvice. 

He teaches Dove the appreciation that comes from travel, the wisdom that comes from writing, and the healing that comes from nature. 

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